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Jorvan Community Outreach Student Centre

Organizational Overview: Jorvan Community Outreach (“Outreach”) is a community-based organisation that supports positive youth development in townships within Cape Town. Efforts focus on educational, nutritional, health and social, support. Upon securing financial sponsorships, there is also a special emphasis placed on enrolling students in high-quality learning institutions from the primary school to university level.

Statement of Need: The constituents served by Outreach projects are living in conditions of extreme poverty. Many of the children do not have access to formal housing, electricity, or running water.  As a result, they often suffer from low self-esteem, poor academic development, and diminished life goals.  To date, the Outreach has been able to offer a private residence as a stop-gap measure to address these challenges and provide a private, healthy, safe environment for study. Creating this type of space for the children will allow them to fulfil their dreams which in most cases seem so distant and unrealistic.

Proposal: In the upcoming year, we wish to acquire the following at the Student Centre:  Extra rooms which will serve as classrooms for tutorials; a computer lab where the learners will have convenient access to internet for projects or tasks and a fully functional library for research purposes.

Target Population and Involvement: Outreach identifies children across racial boundaries that have exceptional academic ability but do not prosper due to the adverse conditions in their communities. Many children are living with their mothers or other family members and receive little or no support due to external pressures (e.g., unemployment, long work hours, etc.). Jorvan Community Outreach will manage this Outreach Student Centre but allow students to take ownership by giving them a sense of belonging and pride. This will help them to regain their self esteem, realise their dreams and prosper.

Student Centre requirements:
24hr Security Response
Data projector
Additional study rooms
Minibus - to transport students to school and tutorials

Monthly costs:

Mortgage/bond payments: 4300.00 RAND
Cash balance of bank loan: 457 000.00 RAND
 Bank loan balance over 28 year loan term: 870 000.00 RAND
Food:        6500 RAND
Toiletries: 1100 RAND
Monthly municipality bills: (electricity and water): 550 RAND
Paper for printing: 250 RAND
Printer cartridges: 1200 RAND
Internet:  400 RAND
Fuel: 3000 RAND
Bread: 600 RAND

Student sponsorship:

School students:
6000 RAND: per annum (This includes school fees, school uniform and a stationery pack with school bag)
4800 RAND: per annum for meals for the children living at the Outreach Centre.
3520 RAND:   per annum for school transport fees

University students:
5400 RAND - Registration fees  
University fees  -  (We have 3 university students for 2016 – PLEASE enquire about the yearly fees for each student)
4800 RAND: per annum for meals for the children living at the Outreach Centre.
8800 RAND: per annum for transport to university

  • 2nd  Year Science student for:   30 000 RAND  - per year
  • 2nd  Year Law student for:         26000 RAND  -  per year
  • 1st year Microbology student:   30 000 RAND  -  per year

Future goals:
  • For the Outreach Student Centre bank loan to be paid/settled  in full.
  • To build another floor above the Outreach Student Centre for additional study and sleeping quarters.
  • Minibus to transport students to school and tutorials.

We are appealing to you to help us continue to make this project a reality and help us change destinies.

For cash donations please find the Outreach banking details below and please list your name as a reference OR you may remain anonymous.

Banking details: 

Account name            Jorvan Community Outreach
·         Bank                           ABSA
·         Branch code               632005
·         Account type              Savings
·         Account number         9245 696 362
·         Swift code                   ABSA ZA JJ
·         Branch address         11 Grove Avenue,
                                   Claremont, 7708
                                   Cape Town 8000, South Africa

Thanking you

Brian Vandayar
(Founding member)

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